Final dissemination

The purpose of the final dissemination conference was to show and share with local partners, indirect beneficiaries and stakeholders the results of the project:

  • training course for psychological support of dispatchers 112;
  • mini-guide of good practice – psychological support of dispatchers 112;
  • e-learning platform.

The structure of this dissemination event was:

– Presentation in plenary – Each participant received a set of materials, including: a prospectus for the project title, objectives, partners, results; Summary of training module and mini-guide of good practice; Event evaluation;

– interactive activity – online presentation of the e-learning platform: platform structure; Platform utilization mechanisms; Creating a user account; Revision of statistics, reports, results of target group evaluation; Platform access simulation; Practical learning videos during training sessions.

At this final event, the partners invited decision-makers, such as representatives of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Internal Affairs; Representatives of local authorities, dispatchers from the Emergency Emergency Services, ISU and Smurd.

60 participants attended the conference and received a dissemination material and completed a feedback questionnaire.

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