One minute may save a life

Zivac Group – Behavioural Research Centre announce the European project “One minute may save a life” (October 1 – September 30, 2015-2017) – Erasmus KA2 “Cooperation for innovation and exchange of best practices. Strategic partnerships for education and training “. Zivac Group is the initiator and coordinator of the project in which they are involved as partners: Foundation for S.M.U.R.D. – Romania, FG Forensics Group – Italy, Universite Europeenne LLP – UK, and Rivensco Consulting – Cyprus.

The objective of the project is to provide education and training for dispatchers for emergency service 112 (single European emergency number-112), in order to reduce the number of false calls to remove psychological barriers faced by dispatchers 112 – key pillars in the process of saving human life.

Zivac Group – Behavioural Research Centre

“The problem of false calls to emergency number 112 unique is an extremely real and present and the effectiveness of interventions required depends, in large measure, the promptness with which dispatchers reacts. This is a touchy subject at European level, which was reported by the European Parliament since 2010, the Member States being required to adopt measures to reduce false calls/a scams through exchange of best practices. In Romania, the rate of false calls is approximately 70%, according to some STS reports, “said Amira Radulescu, CEO of the Zivac Group.

The project methodology used in developing competencies dispatchers 112 (competences cognitive, emotional and behavioral), will lead to the identification of a number of false calls increased and increased efficiency in retrieving and management call 112.

“Competencies and skills are absolutely essential in this process, given that 112 dispatchers must make choices extremely difficult in a short time forte. They are subjected to an immense psychological pressures, entering in contact with potential victims and must react on the spot, given that postponing decisions could result in the loss of human lives. Multiple examples that define the approach above exist not only in Romania, but also in other EU countries, including Italy, the United Kingdom and Cyprus. Along with our partners we will come up with solutions and approaches that will enhance the quality of these services at national and European level”, explained Dr. Lelia P, Zivac Group President.

The project “One minute can save a life” aims at designing and developing a training course, resort course 112 dispatchers that will combine various techniques/methods of psychological approach (theory and practice). The course will be accompanied by a guide of good practice – “Psychological methods and techniques for dispatchers 112” and a platform for e-learning that will ensure a process of lifelong learning between partners, target group, and the other actors involved in the process.

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