Université Européenne llp offers opportunities for internships, field-research and online studies within an international dimension and selected international experts.

It offers also a training with a university pattern.

The Institute conducts intervention research in a stepwise manner and offers professional trainings in such topics such as Hypnosis, NLP-3, Non Verbal Communication, our trade mark Mesmerismus © and Quantum Technologies and Coaching.

The Institute network maintains an academic and scientific partnership database, available on the Internet, with selected Academies&Studies to more than 13 selected powerplaces in South-France, UK, Italy, Nepal, Tibet, Indonesia, Australia, Malaysia, USA and Canada, for creative and research retreats connected to Communication and Personal Development.

The network assets include several Institutes, an experienced clinical professional and practitioners research supervision team and selected recognized retreat centers in both regional hemisphere.

The Institute programs are open to professionals and people seeking a higher education in these matters. The learner earns credit through intensive seminars and courses on the field and then married with independent off-campus study evaluated during our intensive seminars.

The Institute in more than 20 years of academy activity trained thousands students, helping propel them into successful career.

The learning quality system uses modern information modalities such as: online library and downoald, sites, e-books, audio and video taped lectures, computer tutorials, sites information links that are given to our students, mentorguided.


UNIVERSITE’ EUROPEENNE LLP has more than 20 years experience of professionals and certificated training in: Communication, NLP&NLP3, Non Verbal Communication, Advanced Hypnosis, Mesmerismus, Fascination,  Presence, Coaching, Leadership.

Our key-experts:

  • DR. MARCO PARET – Personal Representative of the National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) in Italy and France. Awarded Trainer of the Year by the prestigious American organisation NFNLP. He was Member of the French Syndicate of Psychotherapists and the french company he used to work in France was officially recognised as a training organization  for therapists by the French Ministry of Labor.

Chief Organiser of the 2004 International NLP-3 Coaching Conference in Nice where the formulation of a historic agreement-protocol in the field of Coaching was achieved.

Practicing Psychotherapist in Nice, French Riviera Campus Coordinator of two American educational institutes located in the French Riviera region.

Marco Paret is a world renowned mesmerism, hypnosis & NLP trainer and researcher. He has published over 20 books in 3 different languages. His work has been extensively featured across many media platforms on TV, radio & print in his home country Italy & France, as well as internationally. Dr. Marco has s.

  • ESTER PATRICIA CERESA – 20 years experience in professional and  vocational training. Communication, Coaching, Hypnosis and NLP3 trainer in 4 languages.

He worked for more than 10 years in Rome involved in the background and foreground of a communication and training project at the italian Supreme Court of Cassation in Rome.

Counselor Hypnoterapist and Life Coach trained at the Institute ISI CNV (National Institute of Hypnosis and Non-Verbal Communication) of dr. Marco Paret in Nice.

Trainer and Researcher also in the field of Quantum Psychology, MorphoPhysiognomy and Mazdaznan’s disciplines of personal inner evolution and development.

She works continuously with Universitée Europeenne of dr. Marco Paret both as Trainer and Researcher, practicing Coaching and Hypnotherapist in Europe.

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