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Rivensco Consulting ltd  is an innovating company that aims to establish itself as a major link between the academic and business world. Rivensco has representative offices in all major cities and it provides training in different subject areas such as business, social enterprises, information technology and hospitality. Through our experience in EU projects, we support local businesses to participate in European and national funding projects. The effectiveness of our operations requires the cooperation with several small businesses and we pay particular attention to the pivotal role of new technologies and the competitive advantage they offer. We provide english classess, training and career orientation programs for Cypriots, EU citizens and people from third countries. Our daily operations with several enterprises make our company ideal for working placement, since it is in the privilaged position to provide real experience in office automation systems. The highly specialized professional staff includes psychologists, teachers/trainers and bussiness consultants who can provide training in different fields; from new technologies to medical training.

Rivensco Consultants offers a specialized Vocational Training courses which are divided into four clusters; creativity, productivity, planning and communication with the general title “20+2” business skills. The courses include real life examples that engage participants actively and make them think in a critical way and thus, learn to adjust to the specific circumstances of the business world. They aim to develop an out of the box thinking, giving emphasis on business ideas, innovation and creativity. We stress the importance of personal qualities, such as a thirst for continuous education, the personal drive and motivation, strong goals and ambition, clear vision, and always a great deal of passion in whatever you do. Moreover, the company can devise and implement training modules for different companies in different aspects in an efficient and innovative way.


RIVENSCO is run by Psychologists, school educators and trainers who provide support to training needs in a very vast spectrum. The staff of our company comes from a diverse background and has expertise not only in business, but also in social and interpersonal skills. The director of the company works with very sensitive cases including young people with violent behavior, drug addiction and other youth problems. The company has experience in national and international projects and maintains contact with local partners in all major cities of Cyprus and also with European partners. The company cooperates with many social partners and supports them in their operations. RIVENSCO also facilitates international placement projects such as Erasmus internships and Leonardo Mobilities, hosting students in Cyprus in social care.

The company is experienced in creating projects and training courses in Emergency services since it has devised a project under EEA Grants in order to create a 24 hour Emergency service for a Cancer Patients Support Association. The project envisioned to train the staff and at the same time to create a web based application for patients’ information system. Through the right training of the staff, the necessary equipment, and the web application, the nursing staff became able to support cancer patients on a 24 hour basis through an Emergency hotline.

Our key experts are:

  • KOSTAS MICHAELIDES is the manager of the company and organizes educational seminars on different subject areas, including social inclusion, behavioural analysis of youngsters, motivation and guidance for lower skilled people. Kostas has a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and he works in palliative care and he is also as a volunteer psychologist for body organ donations. Kostas has extensive expertise in Public speaking, he organizes motivational seminars, specialized training courses, and participates in public and charity events.
  • IOANNIS POTAMOS is a certified accountant and provides financial consulting and services to our company, while he prepares the annual accounting and financial documents. He also supports the development of the web and marketing needs of our institution, and engages in consulting and training activities on tax and legal issues. He is supports our IT department in promoting our services and he registers new companies in Cyprus providing tax and legal advice.
  • MICHALIS PAPATHERAPONTOS is the EU project manager of the company and has extensive knowledge in EU and international Affairs. He holds a Master’s Degree in International and European Affairs and he is fluent in English, Spanish and speaks good Russian. He is experienced in preparing project proposals under LLP program and other European initiatives and has managed several EU mobility projects in Cyprus. Michalis used to work as the Regional coordinator of Youth clubs in Paphos and has experience in formal and non formal learning organizing training and consulting.
  • MARINA CONSTANTINOU is the secretary of the company and she runs the daily routine of the company including Marketing activities, accounting and organizes informational sessions on different subject areas. Ildiko speaks English, Greek and Hungarian and she has a degree in Business. She has long experience in the most prestigious companies in Paphos, Cyprus and she maintains close contact with many local businesses.
  • STAVROS FAKONTIS is a staff Nurse supervisor with a Bachelor’s degree and manages the Hyperbaric oxygen Center Chamber of the Paphos General Hospital. He has completed his Master’s degree in Health Care Management and he is managing the decompression Treatment by hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He worked for several years in the Emergency services of the Hospital and he is an applied practitioner in the field, certified in first aid and AED support, instructor on medical topics; and he manages home support equipment.
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