SMURD Foundation is a non-governmental organization, established in 2006, as a private juridical non-profit, non-political association, which supports, through all the carried out and ongoing projects, the development of the Emergency Mobile Service for Resuscitation and Extrication (SMURD) activity and, in general, sustains the national emergency medical system. The mission of SMURD Foundation is to improve the life quality of all Romanian citizens, through the support for the improvement of a professional integrated medical and technical emergency system in Romania.


One of SMURD Foundation’s major projects was an EU funding project, with the title “Professionals in the integrated intervention, major collective accidents and disasters”, for the professional training of firefighters and medical personnel, involving partners from France (the Fire Brigade from Paris, the National Fire Academy and the French Society of Disaster Medicine) and Romania (Ministry of Health and Ministry of Interior through the Inspectorate for Emergency Situations Emergency). Within this project they have updated and improved the professional skills of 1200 medical and paramedical staff (doctors, nurses, paramedics and firefighters) by participating in a professional training program based on resources of ICT (Information and Communications Technology), on the new models and practices used in the medical management of emergencies situations. Also, SMURD Foundation have implemented more flexible training methods for the medical and paramedical personnel by developing an online learning community and a digital simulator that allows the practical enabling on the new procedures and ways of action used in the integrated emergency situations management/disasters medicine, through resources and digital materials appropriate to the medical practice. This project has also, promoted transnational exchanges of good practices for developing programs to update and improve professional skills necessary in the integrated management of the emergency situations/disasters medicine, in order to increase the capacity to adapt of the medical and paramedical personnel.

SMURD Foundation has developed also a large series of projects, from private funds, donated by the sponsors and partners (trusted private entities) or from the “2%” national financial mechanism, for the support of SMURD activity, as follows: training and endowment with medical equipment for SMURD paramedics training centers, support for the professional training of SMURD helicopters pilots, scholarships and professional training for SMURD personnel, other educational and humanitarian projects according to our above presented mission

  • Dr. RAED ARAFAT is a Senior Physician in Anesthesia and Intensive Care with competency in Emergency Medicine, Phd. Candidate and Master of Science in Disaster Medicine, Associate Professor, Secretary of State within the Ministry of Interior and the coordinator of the Department of Emergency Situations. He has experience as external coordinator of the integrated dispatch 112 in Mures County. Founder and coordinator of the volunteer Mobile service of Emergency and Resuscitation from Mures County, Romania. The service became, under his coordination, the nowadays national and professional Emergency Mobile Service for Resuscitation and Extrication (SMURD). He is also Honorary Member of the American Academy of Emergency Medicine AAEM since 2012, World Association of Emergency and Disaster Medicine Societies, International Trauma Anaesthesia and Critical Care Society. He has experience as consultant for the World Health Organisation, European Resuscitation Council and European Society for Emergency Medicine.
  • Mr TIBERIU FECHETE has been the executive director of SMURD Foundation for over 6 years, has experience in project management, has coordinated the above mentioned projects of the SMURD Foundation, from educational seminars, fund raising projects and the management of the teams of volunteers, to training SMURD staff projects and professional educational EU funding projects. Certifications: Master degree and certification in EU policies, EU funding projects, Project Management Professional Exam Preparation, Advanced Project Management and IT.
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