Zivac Group Central


ZIVAC GROUP CENTRAL was founded for the purpose of ensuring professional support and training, conferring most suitable and useful training activities for large spectrum of persons and activities.

It is a specialized organisation in training, consultancy, behaviour analyses and evaluation, coaching and performance of studies based on grounded research in various matters. Supporting the people and making them understand and correctly manage their emotions and behaviour, ZIVAC has the competences and experience: to help companies to develop their own structure on management of people behaviour and conduct various training activities hereof; to help people in becoming more efficient in all life aspects; to support civil society in reaching a healthy manner of life.

ZIVAC has extensive experience necessary to assist and support individuals and organisations acting in various areas: business, corporate and financial; health care and psychical healthiness; legal and reformatory; academic and education.

It has all necessary competencies for promptly reverting to any needs of its clients, offering various solution for intervening, adapting to specific client context and needs.


ZIVAC GROUP is a company specialized in training, consultancy, behavior analysis and evaluation, coaching, Business Competitive Intelligence and conducting studies based on rigorous research related to the multitude of ways in which emotions and perceptions impact on human behavior, on decision-making and on the performance of our activities.

ZIVAC has extensive experience in: training activities – various trainings based on innovative methodology, interactively, and observance of cognitive behavior of the individual, case studies, dissimulations, specific programs provided to companies, opened workshops and particular sessions in : nonverbal communication, lie detection, personal development, stress management, profiling, crisis management, leadership; coaching – life coaching and business coaching, customized trainings for groups or individuals with the view of increasing professional and personal performance; consultancy – involving customized intercession, profiling recruiting of top management, negotiations, team coaching, Business Competitive Intelligence; development of specific training programs.

Our resources, expertise and large spectrum of trainings are currently used for companies, organizations, public institutions/agencies applying the law, private entrepreneurs in medical, legal, and tax domains.

Our key experts are:

  • PARVULESCU LELIANA is one of our key expert being a specialized trainer, sociologist, consultant for psychological profile, politic leadership, expert in psychology applied in national security domain, judicial and terrorism psychology, assessment and analyses of individual behavior. She is expert in personal and group development. She is a psychology, sociology and biotechnology graduate and has consolidated hers studies in judicial psychology and cognitive physiotherapy, being also the President of Bioterrorism Preventive Research Center.
  • AMIRA RADULESCU, has 7 years of experience in training – soft skills & hard skills (trainer), experimental learning, team building & coordination, stress management, negotiation, mediation of conflicts, time management, leadership, sales. She has the following competences: training activities, evaluation of persons participating to trainings, project of training methods, organizing of programs and training stages; behavioral analysis, body language and lie detection, profiling, Business Competitive Intelligence.
  • CERASELA MERLAN is a trainer, legal counsel licensed in Law, specialized in administrative and legal sciences, judicial psychology and victimology, Polygraph method, FBI method with application in forensic investigation, nonverbal communication, lie detection, hypnosis, criminal profiling, human rights counseling specialist, project manager. She is a member of the Union of Jurists in Romania. Certifications: Manipulation, Persuasion & Hypnosis Techniques; Criminal profiling (Forensics Group Ialia), Advanced Analysis in Nonverbal Communication,  Bodylanguage & FACS, NLP & Hypnomentalism.
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